We Provide Hi-tech services to construction & Civil Infra-Structure industry for alterations & modifications of structures with complete demolition and dismantling facilities for any good or complicated structures.
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High Reach Dinosaur Combi Crushing Wire Saw Cutting
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Manual and traditional methods of civil alterations make RCC structures susceptible to undesired damage. As they’re loud and time consuming such operations also disturb the neighbourhood. Genesis comes into the picture, wherever there’s a need for sophisticated alterations and modification of civil structures, Genesis provides time saving, cost effective, hassle-free, reliable, safer and precise solutions for RCC structures. They are also environment friendly as they are noiseless and non-polluting

The company employs advanced technology & hi-tech machines recommended by structure consultants and designers and offers construction services like RCC drilling, Rebar Chemical Grouting, Core Cutting, Diamond Sawing, Cutting and Demolition of structures with electrical breakers and Hydraulic Crushers also cutting of rock and concrete with splitter machine. This remarkable range of high-end machines with varying capacities, is exclusively owned and maintained by the company.

Genesis thrives on continuous improvement in technology system and training & upgrading the skills & competence of all team members at all levels. The company is proud of its motivated team of skilled professionals. Its profound academic engineering know-how ensures optimum satisfaction for customers. RCC consultants, Architects, Designers, Builders and all other infrastructure companies need the Genesis range of services. Genesis believes in identifying customer’s need & providing, appropriate ideas & value additions.

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